• ¿Se puede tener triple nacionalidad? Claro que sí. A por la tercera que voy.

  • Y luego dicen que la magia no existe.

  • Porque los señores de mediana edad también pueden andar por ahí con la cara pintada con flores. Y los niños, también. Y las niñas. Y cualquiera.

  • Señoras, señores, tengo anemia. Ya es oficial.

  • Me explota la cabeza.

    Team Neurospicy.

  • Make your own kind of music

    Cass Elliot’s Death Spawned a Horrible Myth. She Deserves Better, un artículo de Lindsay Zoladz en el New York Times.

    La canción que quiero que pongáis en mi funeral es la del vídeo del final. Hoy ha salido un artículo en el New York Times que tendríais que leer sobre la muerte de la cantante. Por supuesto, por estar gorda.

    A woman in a baggy pink top and matching pants sings into a microphone, standing on a small stage in front of a large pattern that resembles a red butterfly.
    Cass Elliot performing on her television special “Don’t Call Me Mama Anymore” in September 1973. After she went solo, she found it hard to shake her nickname.Credit…CBS Photo Archive, via Getty Images

    Half a century after her death, her underdog appeal continues to inspire. Last year, “Make Your Own Kind of Music” — a relatively minor 1969 solo hit that has nonetheless had cultural staying power — became such a sensation on TikTok that “Saturday Night Live” spoofed it, in a hilariously over-the-top sketch in which the host Emma Stone plays a strangely clairvoyant record producer. “This song is gonna be everywhere, Mama,” she tells Elliot, played by Chloe Troast. “Then everybody’s gonna forget about it for a long, long time, but in about 40, 50 years, I think it’s gonna start showing up in a bunch of movies, because it’s a perfect song to go under a slow-mo montage where the main character snaps and goes on a rampage.”

    “S.N.L.” didn’t make a single joke about Elliot’s weight — something that was unthinkable half a century ago. During the height of her fame, Elliot seemed to co-sign some of the jabs at her expense with a shrugging grin.

    “No one’s getting fat except Mama Cass,” the Mamas & the Papas sang in tight harmony on the self-mythologizing 1967 hit “Creeque Alley.” After the infamously tumultuous group broke up a year later, Elliot was a frequent guest on “The Carol Burnett Show,” where she occasionally went for the cheap laugh. In an otherwise uproarious sketch about two prudish women browsing a store’s “dirty books” section, Elliot holds up a book titled “Eat and Lose Weight” and says, “I got as far as ‘Eat’ and then I didn’t understand the rest.”

    “As she had learned early on, the best way to deal with an uncomfortable situation is with humor,” Elliot-Kugell, who has her mother’s cascading hair and dry wit, writes in her new memoir, “My Mama, Cass.” But, as she said over lunch, that doesn’t mean her mother was always laughing on the inside. “That pain had to go somewhere,” Elliot-Kugell told me. “When I think about some of the things that had allegedly been said to her during her lifetime, you can’t hear that over and over and not let it hurt.”

    But of course, the most enduring joke at her expense was the one she didn’t live to tell, or to rebut. Have you heard the one about the ham sandwich?

  • Las chicas de oro no han envejecido tanto

    No puedo creer que esté partiéndome con «Las chicas de oro». Hoy he visto la primera temporada casi entera y, aunque visualmente ha envejecido, hay muchos temas que no lo han hecho. Fue una serie que desafió los estereotipos de género en una época en la que la mayoría de nosotros ni pensábamos en eso. Trataba asuntos como la sexualidad, la edad o el trabajo de las mujeres de más de 50 años y los personajes cuestionaban las expectativas sobre cómo debían comportarse. Y además es que estoy encanado de la risa con algunas escenas.

    Tenéis que volver a verla.

  • El País: Ha muerto Francisco Rico, filólogo de pro, y autor de una serie de libros que yo, en su día, me aprendí de memoria.

  • Recordad: muchos psicólogos y psicólogas sobreviven de la gente a la que le han hecho ghosting.